TrackStudio Enterprise 2.5 released

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TrackStudio Enterprise 2.5 released

Postby admin » Tue Apr 01, 2003 4:51 pm

TrackStudio Enterprise 2.5 released - Java-based defect tracking software.

You can download a 90-day trial version from our site:
It may or may not be free, depending on how you intend to use it.

TrackStudio Enterprise can maintain a large number of projects and users in a single database without reducing the performance rates. Our company provides a hosted service for more than 1000 users from all over the world. You can make sure of its high performance rates.

In TrackStudio Enterprise we use one of the best available systems for presenting Java objects over DB tables - Hibernate. The use of Hibernate provides high performance rates and allows us to employ various DBMSs without the necessity of configuring deployment descriptor - all you need to do is to change the JDBC driver options. The Hibernate data model with Java source is available for download.

The support of various code pages (including UTF-8), time zones, localization and i18n allows geographically distributed teams to participate in the projects, managed with the help of TrackStudio. It is possible to localize not only the user interface, but also the database itself.

TrackStudio Enterprise supports the widest range of commercial and open source application servers, DBMSs and may run on any computer platform.

Easy-to-understand step-by-step installation guide allows to configure an application for the work with any application server and any DB in a couple of minutes. Also, Swing-based TrackStudio Server Manager allows to configure TrackStudio Enterprise and to check the configuration with only a couple of mouse clicks.

Currently it supports the following Java application servers:
BEA Weblogic 6.1-7.0
IBM WebSphere 5
Sun ONE Application Server 7
Tomcat 4.x
JBoss 3.0.x
Caucho Resin 2.1.7

Currently it supports the following DBMSs:
ORACLE 8i, 9i
IBM DB2 8.1
MS SQL Server 2000
Borland Interbase 6.5
Firebird 1.0
PostgreSQL 7.3.1
HypersonicSQL 2.7.2
MySQL 4.x with InnoDB
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