TrackStudio 3.5 b4 has been released

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TrackStudio 3.5 b4 has been released

Postby admin » Mon May 22, 2006 11:33 pm

What's new (compared to 3.2.x branch):
- Totally new SCM integration has been implemented.
- Linking of tasks and users has been improved significantly.
- Simplified full text search was implemented.
- Microsoft Project export has been improved.
- Many minor usability enhancements (task properties grouping, new file upload applet, image thumbnails, etc).
- Almost all known bugs were fixed.

TrackStudio 3.2.x and 3.5.x has the same database, so database upgrade is NOT required. This means that you can try 3.5.x and (if something goes wrong) stop it and use 3.2.x with the same database.

But TrackStudio 3.5 beta 4 (even compared to other betas) uses new index structure, e-mail notification templates and config files, so you should:
1) Use .properties supplied with 3.5 beta 4, don't try to update your 3.2 *.properties, it will require much more time.
2) Delete "index" directory content before first run.
3) Update e-mail templates afer startup.

Note, that we don't use hsql.exe/hsqlService now. Instead, we access HSQLDB database directly from TrackStudio using the "file" access method. For example, to access "test" database use the following JDBC URL:
Code: Select all

For more detail, please check the following link: ... 3_5_x.html
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