Notification script: notify if deadline/budget changed

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Notification script: notify if deadline/budget changed

Postby admin » Wed Mar 16, 2005 5:45 pm

From customer e-mail:

Could you help us sending a script or could you tell us where to search for a script to do the following: a filter based on this script should trigger every time the fields "Deadline" or "Budget" in any task are modified.

Code: Select all
String ret = "Task";

Collection messages = task.getMessages();
java.sql.Timestamp taskDate = task.getUpdatedate();

for(Iterator it = messages.iterator(); it.hasNext();) {
    gran.secured.SecuredMessageBean message =;
    if (message.getTime().equals(taskDate)) {
       if (message.getDeadline()!=null || message.getBudget()!=null)
           return "Deadline or Budget";
       return "Message";
return ret;

This script will return
- "Task" if task has been modified using task->edit,
- "message" - if new message has been added,
- "Deadline or Budget" - new message has been added and deadline or budget has been changed.
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