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TrackStudio 5 - Testing Scripts

PostPosted: Thu May 07, 2015 8:43 pm
by BigDave
In previous versions of TrackStudio one could enter a script thru TrackStudio, edit and test it. Specifically when testing one could enter a Number to test against a specific task. Is there a mechanism in TrackStudio 5 that allows testing in this manner? If not any suggestions on testing using TrackStudio5? Thanks for any info.

David Velasco

Re: TrackStudio 5 - Testing Scripts

PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2015 1:48 pm
by Petr
Did you mean such mechanism was in TS3.5? if it is so. We deleted this mechanism in current version and added more frexible scructures.
Right now you can use maven project for developing script in Ts, there are you can use Mockito for testing.