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CreateMessage with Custom Fields Soap

PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 11:29 pm
by diegoGlobant
I have a problem when I create a message. (Trying to move a ticket from New to Assigned)
I think the problem is because the transition needs some customs fields. I don't know how to set them.
Anybody know that?

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TaskBean c
MstatusBean[] sts = dp.getWorkflowService().getMstatusList( sessionId, c.getWorkflowId());
String user = dp.getUserService().getUserId(sessionId);
ResolutionBean[] res = dp.getWorkflowService().getResolutionList(sessionId, sts[0].getId() );
PriorityBean[] pbea = dp.getWorkflowService().getPriorityList(sessionId, c.getWorkflowId());

String msgDescription = "msg description";
double hrs = 5.5;
String handlerUserId = user;
String handlerGroupId = user;
String resolutionId = res[0].getId();
String priorityId = pbea[0].getId();
long deadlineLong = System.currentTimeMillis();
double budget = 1;

dp.getMessageService().createMessage(sessionId, c.getId(), sts[i].getId(), msgDescription, hrs, handlerUserId, handlerGroupId, resolutionId, priorityId, deadlineLong, budget);

Re: CreateMessage with Custom Fields Soap

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:29 pm
by Petr
I think you use TrackStudio 4. or 5. you can try this.
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 public String createMessageWithAttachment(@WebParam(name = "sessionId") String sessionId, @WebParam(name = "taskId") String taskId, @WebParam(name = "mstatusId") String mstatusId, @WebParam(name = "text") String text, @WebParam(name = "hrs") long hrs, @WebParam(name = "handlerUserId") String handlerUserId, @WebParam(name = "handlerGroupId") String handlerGroupId, @WebParam(name = "resolutionId") String resolutionId, @WebParam(name = "priorityId") String priorityId, @WebParam(name = "deadlineLong")
    long deadlineLong, @WebParam(name = "budget") long budget, @WebParam(name = "sendMail") boolean sendMail,
                                              @WebParam(name = "udfMap") HashMap<String, String> udfMap) throws Exception {

HashMap<String, String> udfMap = caption, value

Re: CreateMessage with Custom Fields Soap

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 12:33 pm
by Petr
Have you tried this solution?