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Breaking changes in Web Service interface in TS 4.0 beta 3

PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2009 5:05 pm
by sellingerd
Previously we had deployed applications that could be used to add issues to our hosted TS project. When trackstudio host was updated these applications broke.

The first thing to break was that an internal task id was a double in the previous version and is now a long. I tried rebuilding the TS service proxies, but this did not completely solve the problem as there were significant changes to some of the interfaces, for example the "createAttachment" method now requires 7 arguments rather than 5. This requires me to correct, rebuild and redeploy my application. :(

In addition, the issue of how to specify a URL in a custom field seems to be broken again (see the topic called: Importing custom URL field). I am using the mailto: url separated from a descriptive text with a pipe (i.e. url | description) and this is currently being incorrectly interpreted.

We really need to be notified (well) in advance of breaking changes being made to the WS interface so that we can react to them when TS Host is updated.