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TrackStudio 3.5.25 has been released

PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2008 9:55 am
by admin
What's new
Bugs fixed:
1) Problems with national characters in MS Project export has been fixed.
2) A few major e-mail submission problems were fixed.
3) Problem with CSV export of task submitter/handler status has been fixed.
4) <BR> processing in HTMLEncoder has been fixed.
5) NullPointerException in drawInput has been fixed.
6) NullPointerException in ReportViewAction has been fixed.

1) TrackStudio SOAP API .NET compatibility has been improved, it now uses
int instead of Integer, long instead of Long, etc.
2) JavaMail has been updated to 1.4.1
3) SQL scripts for database initializaton/upgrade has been added to TS SA
4) Russian database configuration (ru.xml) supplied with TS now.