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TrackStudio 3.5.24 has been released

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 4:12 pm
by admin
What's new:

Bugs fixed:
1) A few TrackStudio SOAP API and .NET integration problems were fixed.
2) Bug with "override" checkbox for user access control rules has been fixed.
3) A few bugs, related to Turkish locale usage were fixed.
4) has been fixed.
5) Now TrackStudio export messages in CSV in natural (instead of reverse) order.
6) Now TrackStudio call triggers, when you copy/move task.
7) Many minor problems were fixed.

1) E-mail submission diagnostics has been improved significantly.
2) Now TrackStudio uses locale/timezone of self-registration rule owner as
3) Now TrackStudio don't copy budget from parent task when user creates subtask.
4) Now you can set "From" name for e-mail notification to override default "TrackStudio" string.

3.5.23 release notes: ... -2451.html